Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Slow process

Well at this point I am getting more and more anxious while the process is getting slower and slower. Because this med is brand spankin new the company developing it is being overwhelmed with prescriptions to get approved by insurance companies and processed then shipped. I am in the approval stage. Because I have medicare there isn't a problem with the insurance it's just the waiting that's killin me right now. I understand they are swamped with responses for the med but I think preparation is key. If they knew this was a possibility I think they should have hired a ton of people and if the it turned out the work wasn't there then hey let's get rid of some of them. And now that they see the response is overwelming they are hustling to get the work done and of course like everyone else I feel like I am the most important one and they should work on mine first. (i'm really not that cynical, honest i'm not)
Where are we in the process you ask well here's what they told me. Last Tuesday was my appointment the nurse faxed the script in Thursday I called the Ampyra people and they said I was in the system and I would hear from my case manager within the next two days (business days of course), well I didn't hear from anyone Monday so I called them on Tuesday. They said they are super swamped with all the requests for this med and they are working as quickly as they can. I know patience is a virtue but I am anxious to get started. According to my neurologist I will know within five days if this is for me. I have waited for this stuff for 2.5 years it had better work!!
Other than the waiting game nuttin is really goin on. I start an online course today for grant writing. I am hoping to be something like a consultant. So that is exciting for me. I will keep posting daily with my saga but for now,
Have a wonderful St. Patty's day!!

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  1. u're so right...

    i KNEW that this would happen! They too must have known...ugh! good luck..keep writing...u're 2 steps ahead of me, so i def would like to hear ur story...