Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just when you think. . . . .

Just when you think the wheels are turning in your favor you find out they turned the wrong way. Yes the Ampyra people contacted me and said they checked my benefits and I am covered so they were forwarding the script to the pharmacy. That process took 2 weeks. Instead of them forwarding the benefit approval to the pharmacy, the pharmacy now has to verify my benefits. They said they have no information approving the med and they have to verify for themselves. Okay call me crazy but if your working hand in hand with another agency to get a product out don't you think the two agencies should swap that kind of information so time is saved. . . .NOOOOO not these agencies. Now I have to wait for Accredo to verify what has already been verified then they will contact me to verify my info then and only then will they send me the med. . . . .UGHHHHHHHHH Americas medical system hard at work!


  1. NOTHING is ever easy eh?! Geez!!

  2. Hang in there, It took quite a few phone calls (most of them repetitive most of them repetive haha) I did get it on Monday 04/05 I'm doing the 8&8 routine. So far I'm noticing a marked improvement in walking and climbing stairs. Low grade headache and feeling like I used to feel the day after I took Avonex however I'll live with it if I continue to improve.