Thursday, March 18, 2010


Back to hitting the books. I don't envy high schoolers. . . . My kids are happy I have homework tho. . .lol

Just got off the phone with patient support and they are falling further and further behind. I don't envy them right now either. They do have a tough job and I do understand that really.

Know me a little better. This new med is to improve walking speed. In my mind I take it a little further than that. I see it as a therapy that can help with a load more than just walking speed. Let's think about this logically, if it fills the gaps (holes) in the myelin and allows signals to go from the brain to their destination then. . . . .(here's where my brain starts clickin) If this works it should help more than just the walking speed right. I mean if the gaps in my myelin are causing the stiffness and everything why wouldn't it help it all. I know I have to build up the muscle that I've lost but that's not difficult with discipline. So let me show you what I bought. . . .

Ok, I know what your saying they are a lil high but I currently wear 2" heels and I attempt my 3" peek toe boots with a slightly wide heel. I mean look at them they are cute and I already have a dress to wear with them. I'm not completely illogical, I have 4 daughters that could be a candidate for them IF and only IF I absolutely cannot wear them. Plus I am no stranger to wearin heels and walkin with my cane. And my hubby has restricted me from using ebay for a while (I like my hair and shoes what can I say). Love me as I am. . . .lol

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  1. OOOoooo! I love those shoes! You go girl! Not too high I say! =) Wear em even if you have to carry a cane, LOL.