Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am beginning to wonder. . . . .

I am beginning to wonder if the rumors are true! I have searched far and wide (on the net) for a discussion board or some type of banter about Ampyra. I found NOTHING! I have, however, been hearing that Acorda lied about the meds readiness. I am beginning to wonder if that is true. If this is true it is one of the problems I have with drug companies. They don't really care about us, it's their bottom line figures they care about. . . . .Hmmmm. Here's my theory. . . .I think they said 'Okay it's ready' so they could get a count of people ready to try it. Meanwhile they are in production but just not completely yet. Anyone with me? I believe once they have a good number of patients then they will begin to distribute the drug. Conspiracy theory. . . lol. . . I know!

My frustration levels are increasing for this reason. The process is supposed to go like this. . . .Dr faxes script to Acorda, Acorda enters it in system and assigns a case manager, case manager gets insurance approval, case manager assigns specialty pharmacy to prep and ship, patient receives drug and begins taking.

Here's the steps I have completed. . . .Went to Dr for eval on 3/9, Dr faxes script on 3/9, Acorda enters script on 3/11, Acorda assigns a case manager on 3/12. . . . . . . .WTF

If this takes much longer I'm the type of person that'll say God put this delay in front of me for a reason and maybe I am NOT supposed to take this med, and I will continue doin as I have been with a few tweeks here and there. So if you know where there is someone, anyone who has begun Ampyra I'd like to hear (or read) what they have to say, direct me to their site please. . . . I will continue to keep you all updated on my path but for now . . . . . .The saga continues

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  1. How is Ampyra working for u? I hope u are doing okay....